About Me

A little background information…

Growing up I was always on the chubbier side and it never really hit me until I was in university. My eating habits and lack of exercise were seriously catching up to me. In my Junior year more than the freshman 15 had caught up to me. The scale hit 240lbs, this is when it hit me… I NEED TO TAKE CHARGE. I decided I would lose weight, eat healthy and make only positive changes to my lifestyle.
Today, I am over 75lbs lighter and not stopping!! I now love cycling, yoga and weight training… but I still haven’t given up my love for food. This blog will be used to post my original recipes that got me this far and keep me going without sacrificing my love for food!If I can do this while juggling university and a part-time job, you can do this at any time in your life!


A couple stats:

Height: 5″11
Starting weight: 240lbs
Current weight: 163lbs
Goal weight: 140lbs (23lbs to go)

Start: 240lbs
Start: 240lbs
Now: 163lbs
Now: 163lbs

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