Defeat summer cravings with coconut water popsicles

Ah summer, the season of BBQs, beers and of course ice cream! This is probably the toughest season to avoid cravings because street food, patios and ice cream stands pop up everywhere! I stay on track by eating these healthy energy restoring popsicles!

You will need a popsicle moldfor this simple recipe – available at dollar stores, local grocers etc.

Serves: 4

ready to fill the molds

ready to fill the molds


– 1/3 cup watermelon

– 1/3 cup mango

– ~3/4 coconut water

(amount of ingredients depends on the size of your popsicle makers!)


1) cut watermelon and mango into small cubes

2) fill popsicle molds with fruit – alternating layers

3) finish with coconut water

4) chill over night

off to the freezer!

off to the freezer!

NOTE: I’ve tried this with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwis…. any fruit works! I do love the watermelon & mango combo in the summer though!

ENJOY, stay hydrated and replenish your body in the summer sun!


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